“Any club joining 18TH&MAIN will have full access to our services. There are NO monthly or annual subscription fees to our “partner” clubs. Clubs will benefit from using 18TH&MAIN in a variety of ways, not limited to: Dining, reciprocal play (golf, tennis), Pro shop purchases, travel, events (tournaments, etc.), and training services (sport specific trainers, yogi’s, etc.). The value of our unique program extends far beyond the monetary factor. We are focused on delivering a better social community platform. We are connecting members with likeminded members whether it is sports or business. The hurdles of connecting new members or existing to their fellow country club members is a challenge we have zeroed in on and eliminated. Whether your goal is to enhance your current members experience, drive more revenue or expose your club to potential new members 18TH&MAIN is your solution. The solution for the connected customer.”


Benefits for the Club

There is a Need...We Deliver the Value

While creating exposure for their brand and reducing lost revenue, country clubs are able to release available tee times to members of 18TH&MAIN. In addition, they are introducing their members to new quality contacts while utilizing the game of golf and tennis as the connector. Members will now have the ability to cross-pollinate their business and expand their contact list. There will also be additional options that spark the country club member’s enthusiasm for competition, allowing them to find local games and/or have the ability to travel for business or pleasure while having access to country club games that he or she may have not been able to have prior to this platform. Members of today's clubs, especially within the golf and tennis community have been asking for something like this for far too long. 18TH&MAIN now delivers this service to clubs nationwide with the ease of a tap-in putt.

The intersection of sport and life