The Country Club Lifestyle is Now at Your Fingertips

18TH&MAIN is a luxury lifestyle brand where reality and technology meet. This social media platform allows sport and lifestyle to intertwine by delivering a vision that benefits both Country Club & Country Club members. 18TH&MAIN is centered on a world that embraces a particular lifestyle woven together by fine cuisine, jet setting, beauty, fashion, style and elegance. We call this attainable luxury at your fingertips.

“The fellowship of golf was what brought Danny Ortega and Chris Eckhardt together. Randomly assigned to the same foursome, Ortega and Eckhardt’s ideas collided over an eighteen hole round of golf.

The game of golf has a way of bringing people together. For Danny and Chris, it was the platform where a mutual love for the game and respect for each other as professionals was born. It was also the backdrop where the most innovative ideas came to life, stretching far beyond the sport itself. On one mid-April Friday, Danny, wearing his usual golf attire, headed out to the golf course to meet Chris. During their round, they realized something key was missing from the golf industry. This key element was a ticket for novice and experienced golfers to come together in one place to share their passion for the game of golf as well as belong to a community where chasing a little white ball is the norm.

From that moment, Danny and Chris assembled their team from all over the country to bring this amazing vision to life. This vision encompassed needs that extended far beyond the fabrics and fashions. After years of hard work, determination and perseverance, they are proud to introduce 18 TH&MAIN, the newest virtual platform where the intersection of sport and life meet. Revolutionizing the game of golf as we know it, the 18TH&MAIN luxury lifestyle concept is where the clash of reality and technology meet.

Step into our virtual country club that is bridging the gap between sport and lifestyle. For more information about our revolutionary platform please contact us now.

The intersection of sport and life