With the increased interest and popularity of IV Therapy, more research is being conducted about different supplements and nutrients needed by our bodies. Glutathione has quickly become the “next best thing” when speaking of such therapies but actually isn’t a new discovery. Glutathione has been researched and administered since the 1980s further demonstrating the importance of it for our bodies day-to-day processes.


What is Glutathione?

Without diving too deeply into pharmacokinetics and chemistry, Glutathione essentially acts as our body’s “detox” and has a host of functions including assisting with cell metabolism.  It is a tri-peptide consisting of: Cysteine, Glycine and Glutamic Acid. Glutathione is found in mostly all cells throughout the body and acts as a powerful antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals and oxidative stress the body endures on a daily basis (Pizzorno, 2014). Most importantly it is shown to assist the critical role of the liver furthering the detoxifying the body and has an important role in mitochondrial function.


Who Needs Glutathione?

While our bodies are primarily responsible for making its own Glutathione, as we age our stores become depleted leading to increased signs of advanced age such as: higher susceptibility to disease, skin aging, decrease in functionality and mental decline. Glutathione stores are also dependent on the amount the body needs to utilize daily battling toxins and free radicals (Pizzorno, 2014). The less toxins, environmental and acquired (such as alcohol), we consume, the more free Glutathione is readily available. Supplementation has also, and most popularly, been utilized for its skin benefits. Here at 18TH&MAIN, we offer the high potency liposomal form of Glutathione that can be added to any IV treatment or administered alone via an IV catheter.


Best Uses

Glutathione is recommended and best used for anyone looking to achieve a detox or cleanse from many of the harmful free radicals and toxins that we consume and are exposed to regularly. There are also plenty of studies that show its usefulness for skin anti-aging, skin lightening, and overall evening of skin tone giving that “healthy glow” (Weschawalit, 2017). Additionally, since it assists the liver with its functioning, Glutathione can help break down alcohol faster leading to a reduction in “hangover” and alcohol toxicity, thus why we include it in our hangover treatment. Whatever the reasoning be for wanting to take your health to the next level, Glutathione is one of the most recommended and studied supplements on the market today.



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