When it comes to conditioning, you cannot work on your arms, legs, or core at random and expect big changes in your game.

The golf swing itself involves nearly every muscle and joint in the body, meaning that any work you do with one muscle group or around one joint is going to affect all of the surrounding muscles and joints. Due to this, it is essential for any sport-specific/strength training program center around a sound full-body strategy to be effective.

Titleist Performance Institute teaches professionals how to improve player performance through assessment of body movement and its relation to the golf swing, called the Body-Swing Connection. This evaluation will address your physical capabilities and relate them to your golf swing. You will then be given a personalized strength and flexibility program to address your needs. A TPI golf assessment can help you determine any of your weaknesses and get you back to enjoying the game and performing your best.

Core Elements of Golf Fitness:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Endurance
  • Core Stability

Legendary players like Rickie Fowler and Cameron Tringale have increased their performance levels in the sport by learning through a TPI Certified Instructor. Fowler learned how to change his swing to protect his lower back, and Tringale’s clubhead speed increased 8.6 mph after just one year of coaching.

Meet Jordan, Our TPI Certified Golf Fitness Trainer:

Jordan holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science Strength and Conditioning, and a Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science. He is a Certified Master Trainer with over seven years of experience specializing in athletic performance, weight loss, lean muscle gain and nutritional coaching.

Jordan is an active member of the Hunter’s Green and Heritage Isles Golf Communities in the New Tampa area. He teaches his clients that there is not just one way to swing a golf club, rather an infinite number of swing styles. His goal is to help clients become efficient in their own unique swing style which is achieved through working on posture, mobility, flexibility, strength, balance and power.

Join Jordan for a Complimentary Golf Fitness Assessment to optimize your goals on and off the course.

Your Golf Fitness Assessment Includes:

  • Body Composition Scan
  • Body-Swing Connection Analysis
  • Personalized Workout & Calorie Plan
  • Guided Stretching
  • Complimentary Water & Towel Service

Initial assessments usually take around 60 minutes to complete.