So, you’ve researched IV Therapy, stumbled upon our health club, and are ready to book an appointment, but don’t know what to expect? We’ll take it from here!

You are not alone we spend a lot of time educating our community and members on the many benefits of IV Therapy as most associate IVs with surgery or emergency room visits.

As nutritional IV Therapy becomes more researched and people learn of the important benefits, curiosity peaks regarding the details of the infusion and appointment. Below is a guide of what to expect during a typical IV Therapy appointment here at 18TH&MAIN:


You Have Arrived at Your Destination

When you enter 18TH&MAIN, you will be greeted by one of our exceptional receptionists who are educated on the various IV treatments and ready to answer any initial questions you may have about our exclusive formulas or pricing ahead of your appointment. This is also a great time to discuss possible booster add-on’s to customize your IV treatment for your body’s needs.

As you fill out your patient history form in the lobby, enjoy one of our many refreshment options including water, ready-made protein shakes, energy drinks, sport drinks and more. As one of our Registered Nurses is preparing the room for your appointment, browse our extensive supplement selection and lifestyle merchandise including brands such as: Greyson Clothiers, Rhone, AmpCaddy, Sombra natural pain-relief gel, and more.

Once the Nurse is ready, you will be guided through the store on a private tour and escorted to the Consult Room where your IV treatment will begin.


The Drip Lounge

Once in the Consult Room, the Nurse will review your medical history form to confirm any allergies, past medical history and current medications. Vital signs will be taken to check for any abnormalities or contraindications to IV Therapy. Next, the Nurse will explain the vitamins and nutrients included in your chosen IV bag in detail and the benefits of each. After your IV is placed in the Consult Room, you will be shown to the private Drip Lounge which is equipped with recliner chairs, blankets if needed, smart TV’s, phone chargers, recessed lighting, and a relaxing waterfall to add to the ambiance. Infusions usually take 30-45 minutes and all members are provided with a “call bell” which can immediately call the Nurse into the room for any questions or concerns.

Until We Meet Again…

Upon completing the infusion, you’ll be guided back to the Consult Room for another set of vital signs to assess hydration status after your infusion. The Nurse will then remove the IV and give you detailed after care instructions before formally discharging you to continue with the rest of your day! In most cases, there are no activity restrictions post-infusion.

Your next appointment can be booked with our knowledgeable reception staff. This is also a great time to discuss membership options with you to fit your health needs, budget and infusion frequency.

All of our infusions are administered by Registered Nurses who work closely with our Medical Director to ensure proper sanitation, dosages and after-care. Post-IV infusion, you will feel hydrated, relaxed and closer to your health and wellness goals.