NAD+ is a coenzyme found in every cell of our bodies. It helps to support our mitochondria as they convert food into energy and perform vital functions within our cells. As we age, these levels decrease significantly leading to cellular malfunction and increase in overall symptoms of aging. One of the critical functions is helping with the body’s stress response, stress including toxins, inflammation, trauma and environmental free radicals. The more we are exposed to these elements, the faster our NAD+ stores are depleted. 


NAD+ and The Answer to Addiction

We all have addictive tendencies to some degree whether it be coffee, nicotine, food or other substances. Some addictions are worse and more destructive than others and when individuals are looking to make lifestyle changes, NAD+ is a great solution. Scientists are still learning about the mechanism of how NAD+ helps with recovery and withdrawal symptoms, but one thing they do agree on is that it is effective. People who supplement NAD+ treatments while in recovery have higher rates of continuing with sobriety compared to others who use other forms of treatment alone.


NAD+ and Mental Health

In terms of mental health, NAD+ has been extensively researched for its benefits in aiding various mood disorders. It is known to help release certain neurotransmitters that are crucial for the function of the brain and nervous system. It also releases coenzymes that are responsible for things such as increased feelings of calmness, happiness and mood elevation. Also, similarly to other molecules that can become depleted with overuse, NAD+ can help to restore neurotransmitter levels that can decrease with constant states of stress and anxiety.

NAD+ Treatment Plans

At 18TH&MAIN, we recommend completing a series of 3-5 NAD+ treatments spaced apart on a biweekly schedule. Each infusion itself takes 2 hours with our rate controlled administration in order to decrease the chances of any negative reactions. Our NAD+ infusions also include a special vitamin blend to compliment the effects of the NAD+ and restore any vitamin deficiencies you may have. They also include a Glutathione push for a boost of antioxidant properties and detox. Email for more information.